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$29 Just Fruits - Seasonal

$29 Just Fruits - Seasonal

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Does your house go through fruit like it's going out of fashion?

This is the box for you!

FRESH FRUIT delivered to your door!

When the variety of fruit is limited, we may put in cucumbers and carrots or extras of the basics too.

FRUIT LIST; subject to availability

5 to 8 Apples/ Pears or a mixture of both
5 to 8 Bananas (when prices get high, we swap these for an alternative)
4 to 6 Stone Fruit or Citrus Fruit
3 to 4 Carrots/ Other Seasonal Fruit
Extra Seasonal Fruit

BASICALLY we give you AS MUCH as we can for $29

Side Note: If you want to have these yummy fresh things at your door weekly then create an acct, choose your product, choose "subscribe" then click checkout.  :) Stop and start subscriptions at your leisure.