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$29 Simple Box - Seasonal

$29 Simple Box - Seasonal

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You will get a box of fruit and veg delivered from market to your door step. Each week is like a little surprise mostly seasonal produce and as local as we can find - we scour the market to get the best value, freshest food available on that day. Then we pack it up, put it on the truck and bring it to you! It is everyday type stuff and as fresh as you can get without growing it yourself!!

Get your order in before Friday 6pm so that it can be delivered on your scheduled day.

BOXES serve about 1 to 2 adult people per week depending on lifestyle.


600g to 800g Potatoes/ 2 Sweet Potatoes
1 to 2 Carrots
1 to 2 Zucchini/ Cucumber
1 to 2 Corn/ Capsicum/ Leafy Veg
2 Tomatoes
2 Onions
Baby Spinach Leaves / Salad Mix
A bag of Beans/ Mushrooms
3 to 4 Bananas or ½ Melon
3 to 4 Apples or Pears or a mixture of both
2 Citrus or Kiwi

And one of the following:
- A piece of Pumpkin
- ½ Cauliflower
- ¼ Cabbage
- Broccoli

We give you $29 worth of value, variations occur depending on availability.

Side Note: If you want to have these yummy fresh things at your door weekly then create an acct, choose your product, choose "subscribe" then click checkout.  :) Stop and start subscriptions at your leisure.