Fresh clean produce. We believe food is medicine and the key to good health

At Yarra Valley Harvest Box we are honoured to follow and expand our commitment to providing fresh produce to the Valley and beyond. The best part is we now have a VAN instead of a shop and deliver to your door, to make life that little bit easier.

We hope to create more than just an online shop, but a go-to place, a healthy, like-minded community that values old fashioned simple service with a modern twist. Through our own kids at home, we know the importance of quality, clean produce and with today's pressures and mental stresses, we know, that getting it delivered, is only going to benefit you and your family.

In the future, we are excited to become more involved in our community and will be adding recipes, regular pantry items and nutrition advice to our services. 

OUR VISION is to Create a Conscious, Connected Community that values, healthy living, time to spend with each other and support of worthy causes that benefit us all. 

We hope to add something extra to your fruit and veg experience.
Fresh, Fast, Simple.  That's Yarra Valley Harvest Box.