Why shop local?

Why shop local? December 2, 2018 12:02

Over the years I have spent time in other places in the world and despite the issues we all face no matter where we live in the world, there is always an equal amount of negativity and positivity.  However in recent years, I have witnessed the growth of huge corporations that undoubtedly have a huge impact on the environment and the market place in many parts of the world this is happening. With their excessive waste, logistics costs, unnecessary plastic and packaging, cheap wages and lastly the monopolisation of the market and in all honesty plain greed, taking more than their fair share.  Yet when I find myself sitting and getting frustrated with this huge impact, I realise I am actually the one who has the power, not them. I choose to shop where I want, I choose to buy what I want. We all understand the rule of Supply and Demand.  Fast forward to the past year or so I bought this business, I took a leap of faith and decided to choose! To choose better, to become a bit more conscious about how, what and where I consume from, I wanted to provide an alternative. 

It has certainly opened up my eyes and despite witnessing the sale of many farms to big contenders to further improve the productivity of the big corporations I can not believe that it is in the long term, sustainable to continue to trade in that way.  I believe that together we can slowly change it. With a rise in farmers markets, backyard growers and organics, I think it is slowly happening, because people are changing. Getting more connected.

We as the public have the power, we can choose local, we can support one another in small business and can create more time in our lives.  If we always let the media, the corporations dictate and sell their faster, better, bigger, cheaper model we can be assured of our demise.  Nepal has taught me that much, big is not necessarily better....

The bigger the house, the bigger the money, the bigger the responsibility, so there is more pressure to maintain the status quo. Do you really need it all?  Would you be happy with less stuff, but more in your life?

If we can adjust our view ever so slightly we can create better lives for ourselves, working smarter, choosing smarter, supporting each other and recognising the significance of heart and soul in a product and get our quality of life back, creating times for doing what really matters. 

Imagine a world, where we have village squares, with farmers coming to sell their wares, fair and honest trade between craftsmen and women. Artists being able to make a living sharing their art work. WE can choose better for our families and slowly turn this around... creating more jobs of value and better working conditions, instead of making the rich richer, let's focus on how we can support each other.