Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a product from this website you agree to these terms.

In the event that you are not home at the time of delivery the product will be left near your door or in the space you have requested.  Once delivered, Yarra Valley Harvest Box  holds no responsibility for any loss or damage of the product. If you are concerned about the heat, please leave a cold pack or esky and we will endeavour to use them, please txt us though to let us know. Thank you for your understanding. 

You accept that you will receive a selection of produce as chosen by YVHB.  The selection will change slightly each week based on season, quality and price of produce available.  We endeavour to only provide 'everyday' type items and aim to provide fresh, quality produce.  

By purchasing a product on this website, you are placing your order only for the delivery date stated in the title of that product.

If you would like to receive regular deliveries please contact Jaz & Yvonne on 0478 884 088 to arrange this.