Extra Fruit - Seasonal


We can give you more!!
YOU love our standard box but you need more of the sweet stuff?

Top up your fruit! 
$15 gets you just that little bit extra to get your fruit lovin' household through the week.
You can get extras on the stuff already included or maybe even a few different things to mix it up a bit. Got a specific request? We'll do our best to make you happy! Just leave us a note at the check out or send me a text to be extra certain  :)

AN EXAMPLE OF A USUAL FRUIT TOP UP (however variations occur based on availability)
2 to 3 Apples or Pears
2 to 3 Bananas
3 Citrus or Stonefruit
sometimes Kiwi fruit, Passionfruit, 1/2 Melon or Pineapple or Punnet of Berries 

You can only order this item with the purchase of one or more of our boxes. 

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