Extra Vegies - Seasonal


So, you love our standard box but it's not enough to get you through?
Top up your vegies!
$15 gets you just that little bit extra to get your vegetable lovin' household through the week.
You'll get extras on some of the stuff already included, and maybe even a few different things to mix it up a bit. Got a specific request?  We'll do our best to make you happy!  Just leave us a note at the check out :)


Potatoes/ Sweet Potatoes/ Carrots/ Zucchini
Half Cauliflower/ Quarter Pumpkin or Cabbage
Celery/ Beetroot/ .... Or perhaps you want more of something in particular?

Basically a whole lotta extra seasonal veg... 

You can only order this item with the purchase of one or more of our boxes. 

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